Hello 2017 – New Year, Better Me

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Happy 2017!  I can’t believe 2016 is already over.  The start of the new year is a fresh start for many.  Today is my first day back at the office in almost two weeks and I feel ready to tackle the new year.  2016 was a year full of many ups and downs with more “ups” for me and Sam.  Two major highlights: we got married in August 2016 and I started The Styled Suburbian in October 2016.

Last week I was sitting in bed thinking, “what are my New Year’s resolutions? What do I want to accomplish in 2017?” The most common resolutions are to stay fit, lose weight and to spend less, save more.  While those are great resolutions – and may work for you – mine are a little more basic:

  1. Eat healthy
  2. Make more time for me

I wanted to keep it to two resolutions as I think this is achievable for me.  Last year felt like a whirlwind – planning a wedding took up most of my downtime and with our full-time jobs, Sam and I had little time to ourselves.  We also put cooking together on the back burner – we signed up for Plated (we love it, by the way!) and on days we didn’t have meals, we got takeout.

What I’ve learned is that easy doesn’t have to mean unhealthy.  My first resolution to eat healthy doesn’t mean I can’t get takeout or indulge in my favorite Raisinets.  It simply means to make overall healthier choices and take the time to cook together.  I’ve been asked if I like cooking and I usually respond with a simple, “no, I don’t have the time.  I wish I did!”.  This year, I’m going to make the time.  We received this amazing cookbook as an engagement gift two years ago and we’ve only used it a handful of times.  I love the recipes (overall they’re pretty healthy) and the book purposefully outlines the importance of cooking together.  Last year was all about checking things off of my never ending to-do list.  This  year, my list is going to be a little shorter so we can enjoy more moments together.

fruit and kashi smoothie blends

When grocery shopping last week I purchased three kinds of these Kashi Organic Breakfast Super Blends: Rise & Shine Vanilla, Sun-Up Coconut and Cocoa Awakening.  So far I’m loving them!  They’re perfect for a quick, on-the-go breakfast.  I simply make this in the morning (takes less than 5 minutes) by pouring the packet in the blender and mixing it with almond milk and the fruit listed on the back.  I find it’s easier to buy organic, frozen fruit then buying the whole fruit and chopping ahead of time.  Either way works, but my goal in the morning before work is to get out the door – frozen works for me!  Sam and I purchased a few of these blender bottles – perfect for drinking the smoothie on your way to work.

kashi organic breakfast super blend

This leads me to my second resolution: make more time for me.  As I explained above, I barely had any downtime in 2016 and felt like I was on the go 24/7.  When you treat yourself well, it will have an impact on everything else in life – your partner, friends, coworkers, etc. Whether you go on a long walk alone, get a pedicure, try a new photography class, they all count as “you” time and in the end will force you to take a step back and enjoy the time alone.  Taking care of yourself keeps you from burning out – this ultimately helps you be a better partner, friend, coworker, etc.

What are your 2017 resolutions? As always, I love to hear from you!

xo, Leanne


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