How to Setup Pinterest ‘Rich Pins’ With Your WordPress Blog

how to setup pinterest rich pins
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I’ve only very recently started using Pinterest with The Styled Suburbian.  Contrary to what many people think, Pinterest is not another social media platform.  It is a search engine – a search engine millions of people use for fashion, recipe and travel inspiration.  I realized that in order to truly grow The Styled Suburbian, I had to utilize Pinterest the right way.

Now, I don’t have thousands of Pinterest followers and am no expert, but I can say I have seen a significant difference in traffic since discovering ‘Rich Pins’.  When I first started my Pinterest account for The Styled Suburbian, I would upload photos from my desktop that I had used for blog posts.  I quickly realized this was the WRONG way of utilizing Pinterest.  How were people going to know that my images came from my blog?

Step 1: Always pin images from your Instagram to your ‘My Instagram’ Pinterest board and pin images directly from your blogposts (not your homepage) to your Pinterest boards.  This way, users can click on your image and it will drive back to your blog (aka more traffic to your site!).  I would highly recommend installing the ‘Pinterest Browser Button’ so you can easily pin images from any page (more information on that here).  For example, if I type in, I can click my ‘pin’ icon in my internet browser and immediately pin images from my Instagram to my ‘My Instagram’ board on Pinterest.

pinterest browser button

Step 2: Install the ‘Yoast SEO‘ plugin on your blog.  If you have questions about this, please feel free to send me an e-mail – I’m happy to help! This is one of the best plugins I’ve installed (it’s free!) but going into detail as to why would be another blog post itself.

Step 3: Now we can install and utilize ‘Rich Pins’.  You may ask – what are those? (I definitely asked myself this).  ‘Rich Pins’ are Pinterest pins that have your website/blog name and Pinterest profile photo displayed underneath a pin image.  They easily direct users to the pin’s source (your website/blog) and are much more visually appealing.  See the example below:

pinterest rich pin

the styled suburbian homepage

The photo on the left is one of my Pinterest ‘Rich Pins’.  It contains my Pinterest profile photo, says it’s from The Styled Suburbian and has a ‘Read It’ icon next to it.  If you click ‘Read It’, it takes you to the page you pinned your image from (in my case, my blogpost on my magenta maxi dress).

Step 4: After you’ve installed Yoast SEO, go to the “SEO” tab on the left sidebar in your WordPress Admin panel:

seo wordpress

Step 5: Click on the “Features” tab and click to “Enable” the “Advanced Settings Pages”.

Step 6: Click on the “Social” tab on the left sidebar in your WP admin Panel

Step 7: Click on the “Facebook” tab and make sure that the “Add Open Graph meta data” is clicked on “Enabled”

Step 8: Copy one of your blog post URL links and paste it into the “Rich Pins Validator” page.  Note: You only need to validate and click apply for one link on your site to enable Rich Pins across your whole domain.  After you click ‘Validate’, you will receive a message confirming that your Pin’s have been validated.

Step 9: Make sure all of the information from your blog is correct such as the “Favicon”, “Site name”, etc. Also make sure your pick the “HTML Tags” option and click on “Apply Now”.

Now just wait for an email from “Pinterest” that says: We’ve approved your rich pin application!‏”  (For me it took under a minute.)

Now “Rich Pins” are installed on your blog! 🙂

Don’t forget to verify your website through Pinterest as well!  This will allow your Pinterest profile photo to show next to your pins (making them even more visually appealing!) Note: Pinterest no longer uses Favicons on pins. Confirming your website gives you access to analytics from your site, as well as your profile picture on pins from your site.  To confirm your website:

  1. Visit (or the button in your Pinterest settings) and simply copy the meta tag.  Leave this window open and do not click Finish.
  2. In your WordPress dashboard, go to the SEO menu –> Social –> Pinterest tab and paste the meta tag, then Save.
  3. Go back to where you copied the meta tag and click Finish.

Your site is now verified and your Pinterest profile picture should now be showing up next to all of your pins 🙂

I hope this was helpful – any comments/feedback would be greatly appreciated!  You can also find me on Pinterest here 🙂

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